Watch this space for more information on our listing at the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

Experienced Management Team

The key management team have considerable expertise and a proven track record in property management with over 90 years combined experience.

Strong relationships with Central Government Bodies

St. Pauls has a strong network of contacts with a number of central government bodies and local authorities; the relationship with these contacts aid in supporting our strategy of targeting acquisitions in all regional UK cities.

Niche Market

Targets a niche set of investor groups, operating in the c. £1.5m - £20m lot sizes.

Zero tax payable by Kenyan Investors

Maximum returns to the Kenyan shareholders of the company for distribution as dividends with zero tax payable.

Currency Hedging

The portfolio of properties held by the company will provide an income stream in hard currency.

Short & Long Term Lease Mix

Investment in a combination of low risk long-term leases and short-term higher risk leases combines a balanced platform with the ability to focus on yield compression.

Tax Efficiency

Focusing on tax efficient, offshore investment vehicle structures optimizes relief of capital gains, inheritance and other taxes.